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The best natural recipes for teeth whitening 2016

teeth whitening

teeth whitening

People knead the putty for the magical effect DAT magical father worked to change the color of the teeth and increase Baadhen and Maanhen and beauty, but that is exactly the opposite knead all the physicians around the world with recipes advise exclusive breastfeeding as the best solution to remove the yellowing teeth bleached.
Of factors or causes yellowing of the teeth are:
Deal to tobacco or drugs of all kinds.
Excessive drinking of coffee and tea.
Eating certain foods that help to change the color of teeth as types of berries add to the pool of calcium material around the teeth, known Baltklsat.
There are other reasons such as aging or for injuries or eating certain drugs at an early age.

We will give you our topic today in several recipes from natural increase whiteness of teeth:

The first recipe: sodium bicarbonate

Put the paste on the brush and then dip the brush in the paste material is sodium bicarbonate and scrubs teeth daily with Note the difference with no excessive use because it affects the safety of the gums and teeth.

Altanih recipe: coal and sour

Ntahn coal in an electric mixer and then Nasr him 3 teaspoons of lemon and confuse the whole and put it in a toothbrush and dental scrubs are steps Court for 5 minutes and you will notice the difference, God willing.

The third recipe: Herb Sage

Is to bring the herb thyme, and some are burned and crushed until well into the powder form is then scrubs her teeth once a day.

Fourth recipe: Coal and honey

Taken a piece of coal, and grind until well turn to ashes and then mixed the ashes with half a tablespoon of honey, and dental scrubs are done and the process is repeated once every day and you will notice a very remarkable result

Fifth recipe: orange and lemon

Crust is taken it all from oranges and lemons are left to dry for a period of well-milled and then placed in Aaina and Khalthm with sodium bicarbonate, let alone be their teeth once a day and will give a great result Baden God.