Solve the problem Inflation Feet And their causes , Inflation Feet

Swelling of the ankles and feet is one of the common situations that should not normally be cause for concern, especially if one has been subjected to stand for long periods or walking a lot in March. But if under the feet and Alcahlan Mentfajan for a period of time or Tormanma was accompanied by other symptoms, the situation may be an indication of the presence of a health problem requiring attention to learn the causes and treatment.

Let’s look at some of the possible causes for the swelling of the foot and ankle, and when heading to the injured seek advice from a doctor about them.

Pregnancy and blood pressure

Some cases of swelling in the ankles and feet are natural things that may infect pregnant women during pregnancy. But for sudden swelling or excessive in the feet or in one without the other, requires attention and see a doctor Observers of carrying on an urgent basis, since there are several possibilities for the development of a sudden, like it may be a sign of eclampsia, a serious condition, accompanied by a rise in blood pressure and increasing the output of protein in the urine, or the so-called albumin urine, after exceeding the 20th week of gestation, the date of the start of the last menstrual period when I got pregnant.

So if you encounter a pregnant case of severe swelling in the feet of both or swelling where accompanied by other symptoms such as abdominal pain, headache, and lack the amount of urine, nausea and vomiting, or changes in vision and clarity of vision, it would require to consult a doctor immediately and without delay because it is the case of treatment of a medical emergency.

External causes

Incidence of injury in the foot or ankle by the impact or collision with something or tripping, all injuries that can lead to swelling localized in parts of the foot or ankle or swelling full therein, which appears in only a foot that was exposed to injury without the other foot that were not injury two together. It is the most common cases of injuries ankle sprains.

And sprained ankle occurs when a bump ankle or collide strongly to anything external or when exposed one to slip a fall or stumble, what causes tighten the ligaments that hold the parts of the ankle to keep it in the right place within the internal structures of the ankle joint and the parts associated with it, which happens tightening of those ligaments beyond from a range of natural and thus Thtkh or torn. It may also get the biggest disadvantages in the ankle or foot if the injury is more severe, such as fractures.

To reduce the swelling in the ankle or foot injuries as a result, should give comfort to the foot and ankle, and comfort are the first steps to avoid walking on the injured ankle or foot. It is useful as well as the use of ice packs that provide a sense of inhabiting cooler nerve pain and relieve inflammation reactions that swelling of the most important elements of the area where you get the inflammation processes.

It is known that the elements of the manifestations of the inflammation process five: a swelling, pain and redness of the skin and the warming of the region and limit the ability of the movement. As well as useful to develop a roll of bandage around the foot or ankle with a compression bandage strongly medium. And also very useful, within steps to address injuries foot or ankle, lift the foot on a chair or pillow to facilitate the withdrawal of fluid from the foot and reduce swelling where, and thus relieve the pain caused by the pressure of swelling on the nerves and other parts of the structures of the foot and ankle. If swelling and severe pain, or no steps were improving with home treatment of this, it is necessary to see a doctor.

* Lymphoedema

Lymphoedema is the state gets its evolution and continuing buildup of fluid in the lymphatic tissue lymphatic fluid instead of dragging it to the veins through the lymphatic vessels. To illustrate, the fluid found in the tissues of any region of the body, and are pulling this fluid through the vessels of the lymphatics, and lymphatic vessels flowing fluid accumulations them to contract or glands lymph lymph nodes in order to filter the fluid that before the cast at the end of the matter to the veins, in order to return the fluid that to the circulatory system.

This network of lymphatic vessels may not work status with the required, which leads to a lack of success in collecting lymph fluid from tissues, and therefore these fluids accumulate in the tissues of an area of the body. And feet, or one of them, prone to this problem because of any kind of disturbance in the work or the installation of the lymphatic vessels, or any kind of disturbance in the work or the installation of the lymph nodes, as in exposing them to radiation treatment through the stages of cancer treatment or because of inflammatory microbial, or after it is removed glands lymph surgical operation in some surgeries as cancer and others. Lymphatic fluid from the body fluids is rich in protein, which usually moves along an extensive network of lymphatic vessels. The fluid that is filtered through the lymph glands, and these glands or lymph nodes are already like a trap, who works on the capture and destruction of unwanted materials, such as germs, before entering the lymphatic fluid to the blood through the veins. It is necessary to note that without a cure for the problems of lymphatic fluid, the accumulation can impair wound healing processes, leading to microbial infection and deformation zone foot or legs or thighs.

Venous insufficiency

Venous insufficiency term is intended to lower the efficiency of the work done in the veins to withdraw fluid that oozes through the blood flow through the arteries to the feet. And swelling in the ankles and feet often have early symptoms of a case for the existence of venous insufficiency of the veins in the feet or legs or thighs.

Veins is a pipe, and inside those pipes valves to ensure the flow of blood through the veins toward the heart, ie, to the top. When there are no valves in those veins ducts, or valves that do not work efficiently, or the valves are corrupted by several factors, the blood does not flow as it should through the veins, and the one that accumulate fluid in the foot or feet. There are severe cases of venous insufficiency, which arise quickly, and other chronic cases, any arise slowly and persist for long periods in time. And chronic venous insufficiency can lead to changes in the skin, and skin ulcers, thus giving the opportunity to obtain microbial infection in those ulcers. If faced one of those signs of venous insufficiency, then he see a doctor.

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