Skills Swiss attract more tourists cosmetic surgery , Swiss Skills 2016

A growing number of recourse to foreign expertise and skills in the field of Swiss cosmetic surgery and therapies, whether it is their desire to get a younger appearance, or to undergo reconstructive surgery after exposure to a serious accident.

Since the period, I noticed the specialized agencies in the service of foreigners who seek to undergo medical treatment in Switzerland in that an increasing number of customers inquiring about treatments and cosmetic surgery.

In a statement to, explained Gregor Frei, President of the Foundation “Swiss Health” (Health Swiss), which was founded several years ago to promote the medical services of Swiss abroad, that the reputation of Switzerland in the field of luxury products has spread abroad and is now also include treatments and cosmetic surgery .

He continued: “We have noticed the growing demand, not only in the field of cosmetic surgery, but also reconstructive surgery after treatments of breast cancer or after exposure to an accident“, before adding: “We were in China a few months ago, and noticed already that Switzerland enjoys the reputation of a good in the field of medicine and surgery Altbliyn. “

Anna Cosmena, director of the agency “partners Ryan” (Rayan Partners), which provides consulting services for foreigners who wish to obtain a variety of services in Switzerland, said that her agency receives approximately 15 to 25 inquiries a week and sometimes more of customers who are looking for information relating to cosmetic surgery in Switzerland, and multiply requests when inquiry includes all actions associated with the beautification.

Cosmena added that “the issue linked to quality, which is famous for Switzerland. But it is a small country, it is easier thus ensuring the quality, thanks to the existence of control over the services.”
The art of tact and discretion

As explained Ms. Cosmena that what affects the decision to choose the person to go to Switzerland is not limited to the quality of services, but also in the way they carried out the procedures associated with beauty.

She said in this context: “There is more here than just the” art of plastic surgery, so that teams are trying to surgeons that not be the outcome of the surgery clearly visible, unlike what is happening in the United States, for example. Would not say that all surgeons rely this approach, but many of them prefer to look natural results of their work as much as possible. “

Jean-Sobhani, director of the agency, “Xueqsmid” (Swixmed) estimated that the proportion of the group’s clients who want to undergo treatments and cosmetic surgery in Switzerland ranging between 8 and 10%. He noted that cultural considerations are among the reasons why some customers coming from certain countries to request access to this type of services in Switzerland.

He Sobhani in this regard: “If you’re an American and you want that you look look beautiful American, may not travel a to Europe., But for the Russians, and Europeans in particular, and people coming from Arab countries, there is certainly a demand for these services can skill (in Switzerland) to meet their aspirations. “

Mr. Sobhani said that “a large proportion” of clients Xueqsmid” arrived to the agency by the private banking sector. According to his estimates, the 40% of its clients transfers from Swiss bank accounts, which refers to the pre-association in Switzerland, which allowed them to build a certain level of confidence in the Swiss services.

Sobhani added that friends or relatives who come to visit patients undergoing complex medical treatments in Switzerland, often asking also have their presence in the country to get cosmetic surgery treatments.

And see all of Fry and Cosmena that the concept of reticence and reservation Swiss is also an important factor in the selection of foreign customers to obtain such services in Switzerland.

Cosmena adds: “It is linked to the culture and mentality because people here prefer a more natural look and the Conservatives, and this is also reflected in cosmetic surgery. Then that secrecy is also a great thing, they prefer to undergo cosmetic surgery, where no one knows them.”
A growing market

Since customers pay directly opposite conduct this type of operation, the statistics only a few are available to measure the growth of the industry, note that these statistics are usually accomplished by some insurance companies or government agencies.

According to a report released by research firm Euromonitor Internationalin 2011, is expected to grow sales of medical services, tourism Swiss by 20%, rising from 850 million francs in 2010 to 1,021 billion in 2016, said Sobhani The demand for cosmetic surgery and cosmetic treatments growing in parallel with the demand for general medical services from abroad.

For his part, Fry said that customers of the countries where the middle classes are growing rapidly, such as Russia and China, and also from the countries of the former Soviet Union and the Gulf states, are increasingly interested in the services of cosmetic surgery Swiss.

At the same time, I noticed Cosmena part, that, in comparison with the situation that prevailed two years ago, the number of clients from countries such as Egypt, Syria and Greece, in line with changes to the social and economic conditions taking place in those countries.
“Every nationality of their own needs

It adds that Cosmena Chinese customers in particular, “are very excited” about the animal cell treatments offered exclusively by Resorts medical and health clinic such as La Prairie” (La Prairie) in Montreux canton Fu.

In response to e-mail, said Ariane Ripon, a spokeswoman for the clinic told that the demand of foreigners surgery and esthetic treatments, “continues to increase.”

She added that treatments rehabilitation” which deals with the customer verbally over two days loosed center contains a biological active substances extracted from the liver of sheep small are more treatment programs are popular among clients clinic, most of them foreigners.

She also said: “For our programs, most of the patients come mainly from China, Russia, Latin America and Europe. Often, they are also visiting our own aesthetic medicine. Each nationality of their own demands.”

For his part, Sobhani said that Chinese customers are more likely to seek cosmetic procedures such as correct shape of the eye to make it more roundness, pointing out that Xueqsmid” always reject the strangest demands in the field of cosmetic surgery and treatments.

He added: “There is the usual cosmetic procedures, but for the Saudis, for example, what we see is that they are more interested in weight loss operations, liposuction and tummy tucks, while the Russians are more interested in operations Beauty breast and face.”