Facts you should know her healthy women, the subject is very important

There are a lot of health information, which Taatardan her day, but the little ones should know to get your good health and the prevention Tsttiay yourself from disease


Hormonal alternatives to HRT dedicated to facilitate the changes that may occur, causing symptoms unloved during the period of menopause, as it reduces the severity of osteoporosis in some women, should discuss with each lady doctor whether you need these hormones or not.
Early signs of skin cancer, is the emergence of crustaceans, itchy skin.
Each lady must include calcium diet in order to avoid osteoporosis, can be taken either from dairy or calcium supplements industry, must eat between 1,000 and 1,500 milligrams per day of calcium and vitamin D.
Strong stressful activities such as swimming or driving a bike for 30 minutes 3 ​​to 4 times a week provides health benefits for the heart, lung and circulatory each lady.
Smoking, lack of exercise, high blood pressure and displays your heart and increases the risk of obesity, and raises the likelihood of developing diabetes.
Diseases of the heart and blood vessels are the first cause of the highest rates of death among women, many women have a misconception that breast cancer is a cause higher rates of death, but a woman from each of five die of heart disease.
Lung cancer causes a higher mortality rate among other cancers that afflict women, it is superior to breast cancer in the past ten years.
The age of fifty is the best age for testing or mammogram to detect breast cancer in women who have no history of injury in the family, preferably repeated every 3 years.
Breast cancer is rare in under age forty, but there is still a risk to up to 5% of the total each year of breast cancer, every woman must learn critical examination itself periodically.
Ovarian cancer is more common in women than cancer of the uterus.